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You’re thinking of studying abroad but aren’t sure where to start or if it’s really right for you.

Deciding if, where, and how to study abroad is easier than you may think. While you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, after reading this blog post about getting started on planning a trip abroad, your mind will be a new level of calm.

We’re here to help you prepare for your trip to China in the hopes of learning the Chinese language that will benefit your future.


First, you need to decide if studying abroad in China is the right fit for you.

Taking studying Mandarin in China as an instance. 

When you break it down, studying in China means moving to China, living in a Chinese city where you don’t speak Mandarin Chinese, don’t know anyone, and go back to school.

That sounds a little intimidating, but let’s read between the lines.

If you’re interested in seeing the world, learning a new language, meeting new people, and bettering your C.V. and work experience, this is what studying abroad gives you. Learning the Chinese language as a second language can benefit you a lot

We suggest watching some of Keats School’s testimonials of the Mandarin learning experience in China on our website. This will show you the whole range of people who come to China to study Mandarin in Kunming. If you can relate to any of these students, this might be an opportunity for you.


When you decide that studying abroad in China is for you, it’s time to think about where to learn Mandarin and when to book your flight.

Many different places all over the world offer study abroad courses.

Keats School has been a leading Mandarin learning school since it was founded in 2004. Kunming is the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province, Southwest China. The city has a population of 6 million people and is one of China’s most ethnically diverse regions.

Did you know that in China more than 320,000 students from over 180 countries come to study Chinese?

Every year students travel to China to study at Keats School, and 40% of those students are returning for another year of studying. Why is it worth studying and going abroad more than one time

When it comes to booking your trip overseas, think about your schooling and work schedule. When will you be able to take time off? How to request time off work to study in China? When do programs start at your preferred school? How long is your preferred program?

Kunming, China, has the nickname “Spring City of China,” which means the weather is nice all year round. The climate is also one of the major reasons that why you should not learn Chinese in Shanghai. This allows people to travel to Kunming any month of the year and thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and the schooling.

Besides its wonderful climate, Kunming is also an ideal destination to enjoy life after classes. There are many fun to enjoy and things you can do in Kunming

Other cities may not have an eternal spring temperature, so be sure to check year-round weather and when course options start.


There are currently over 6,909 living languages, according to the Ethnologue catalog. That’s a lot of choices!

We may be a little biased, but we believe learning Mandarin in China will have the most benefits for your future.

Why may you ask?

More than one billion people speak Chinese, and of those, 873,000,000 speak Mandarin. It’s the language of business, education, and tourism. That means you will more than likely do business with someone whose first language is Mandarin at some point in your life and career.

If you’re fluent in Mandarin, it will make communication easier, and your manager will be thankful for your past international experience. That is how learning Mandarin Chinese will improve your career

In addition to that, research has shown that Mandarin, Polish and Spanish are the best three languages for professionals to study.


Okay, you’ve decided you want to study abroad, you’ve picked Kunming, China as your location, and now you’re thinking… “what programs are offered in Kunming, China?”

As the leading language school in Kunming, Keats School offers eight different language courses. Each course offers specific options, customized plans, flexible start dates, and full services like food and accommodation.

The most successful and popular class is the intensive one-on-one Chinese course. This program allows you to sit down with your teacher and create a personal study plan. You can tell them what’s important to you, and the teacher will match your learning needs in the best way possible.

There are also other valuable language programs, such as small group classes, online Chinese lessons, HSK test preparation course, Chinese language learning + volunteer, Chinese language learning + tour programs, Children Chinese program, and customized Chinese program

Except for the various language learning programs, there are also different study locations for you to combine your learning plan and trip plan at Keats Schoo. 

By learning at Keats School, you will also be offered several available locations, Dali and Lijiang are the most famous two for touring; Puzhehei and Yuanyang are places that rich in natural beautiful sightseeing; Xishuangbannais full of tropical leisure; Tengchong is the most popular touring destination on the border; Jianshui and Jingmai Tea Mountain can slow you down with its amazing natural and cultural marks. All of these destinations have been set up as the branch school locations of Keats School. When learning at Keats School, you can schedule your learning trip at different locations and save loads of money for traveling.

The intensive one-on-one also has an anytime start day and has the option of food and accommodation. There are other details you need to know about the intensive one-on-one Chinese course


Once you’ve checked off each of these to-do’s, it’s time to tell your family you’re heading off to study. We’re sure that your family will miss you while you’re away, but they’ll be proud and excited for your experiences overseas and growing your education.

After telling your family, it’s time to ask for the time off. HOW TO REQUEST TIME OFF WORK TO STUDY IN CHINA? Whether you’re interning during your summer break from college or working part-time at an industry company during school, you’re going to have to ask for time off work.

The best way to ask for time off is to create a proposal letter that explains why you’re asking for this time off.

After your time off has been approved, it’s time to click the apply button and start your adventure!


What advantages you may have by learning a second language as an adult?
  • You learn faster than kids and age group
  • There is more motivation for learning in  you
  • You can learn with multiple resources and in a more efficient way
  • You have the ability to move around
How to start my Mandarin learning at Keats School?

We provide customized Chinese learning plans for our students. Your learning demands, learning preferences, and current Chinese level are useful for us to make a study plan for you. If you’re interested in coming to Kunming, China, or any other Keats locations to study Chinese Mandarin, then contact us via sending an email or calling for more details. If you prefer having an online Chinese lesson to enjoy more flexibility in time and sites of having class, we’re also happy to provide a trial lesson to gain a comprehensive experience of our programs.

Is learning Chinese important?

There are countless reasons that why learning Chinese is important. I’m listing out 7 reasons among them:

  1. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world
  2. Speaking of career, learning Mandarin can help you gain maturity
  3. It can boost your C.V.
  4. Chinese economy keeps growing
  5. It helps personal growth
  6. It exercises your brain
  7. The language helps you better know about its culture and traditions.
Where is the best Chinese city to learn Mandarin?

Why not pick the beautiful city of Kunming.

It may not be as large as these other top-tier cities, but the benefits of living in the city of eternal spring outweigh other areas of China.

Kunming city boasts the mildest climate and offers the best language school for your Mandarin learning. It is also a budget-friendly city which costs you less to live and study here.

As you can see, there are many benefits in picking Kunming as the next city you’ll call home. The beautiful blue skies, clean air, and save a lot of money when it comes to accommodation, meals, and transportation, for most of your daily expenses will be covered in your tuition fee at Keats School.

Is there any useful tips for learning Mandarin Chinese?
  • The Chinese language may look difficult at the very beginning stage but it gets easier to learn as time being.
  • Choosing the Mandarin Chinese over Cantonese.
  • Finding a non-English speaking language partner who is learning Chinese as well.
  • Practice speaking in front of a mirror.
  • Invest time and money in an intensive one-on-one Chinese language program.
  • Applying multiple sources for studying
  • Stay positive and motivated

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Josh | USA

Small Group Chinese Class

I really had a wonderful experience at the school. The teachers are very very friendly. In my class, we practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We play games and other fun activities. We have trips around town. The staff at Keats is phenomenal. My teacher is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my educational experience. She comes in with a smile every day.


嶋田京子 | Japan

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

Kunming’s scenery is very beautiful. It is the best place to study Chinese in China. My favorite learning method at Keats School is one-on-one because it is suitable for everyone. My teacher is very good, very caring, and lovely. My life when learning Chinese in Kunming is very good and the weather is very good. The air is very good. It is good for the elderly’s body.


Claudia | Australia

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I’ve been at Keats school and Kunming now for one month doing the one-on-one Chinese lessons with two different teachers. I really enjoy it. Both of my teachers are very friendly and patient. They really helped me to improve my Chinese, both of my reading and speaking. I really enjoy studying Chinese in Kunming as well. This city is really beautiful and the weather is nice, the air is clean. It’s one of the best cities in China to study Chinese.


Hilary | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I’ve had a really great time here. I’ve studied a lot with my teacher who was fantastic. Keats School tried very hard to match its students with really good teachers that their personality works very well together. I really enjoy studying Chinese at Keats and I will definitely come back.


Jean | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I can’t tell you how much I liked it. The thing I liked about the teachers and the teaching method is that there is so much flexibility. The other thing I liked about the teaching is the combination of classic textbook learning and going outside. I loved it! I like getting to know other students. Everybody shared the same goal and that’s making their Chinese better. Kunming is a big city, but it is very safe to live here. Another thing I liked about Keats is the idea that people here help you. I can’t recommend it enough. I think it was a valuable experience. Looking forward to coming back!


Ramji | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

The best part of the school is the patience the instructors had and the time to focus on the fundamentals like pronunciation. I think it is very easy to skip over those and go to vocabulary. But by learning the pronunciation, I feel like it helped me gain a better understanding of the language.


Mike | Australia

Small Group Chinese Class

I think Kunming is a great city, the weather is really good. I really like Keats school and found it is very organized. The teachers here are very good. They have a coffee shop and new classrooms, a new lounge area here now, so you can chill out with your friends and practice your spoken Chinese with natives. If you’re considering coming to Keats to study, I would really recommend it. It’s the best place to learn Mandarin and I think it will be a great experience for you.



Judith | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

Listening and speaking in the classroom every day has improved my communication skills. After three weeks, my new words and sentences became more and more natural and fluent. Now I am used to thinking in Chinese, and I understand better what other people say, to be able to have real conversations with other people.

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