Keats’ “Chinese Tea Culture” series is designed for Chinese language learners who want to engage in conversation about Chinese tea and its associated traditional customs.
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Don’t Study Chinese in Shanghai - 5 Reasons to Pick Kunming Instead

There are a lot of publications and schools in China where you can study Mandarin. While many of them encourage you to learn Chinese in Shanghai, we’re here to tell you otherwise. You could pick to study Chinese in Shanghai, but the level of fluency you will achieve there will not match the level you will reach at Keats ...
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Study Mandarin in China: What Keats Tuition Includes

When you decide to learn Chinese in China, you may be curious what’s included in tuition. At Keats School in Kunming, China, the tuition doesn’t just include classes, it includes a lot more to be excited about. In this blog post, we’ll break down everything you get when you sign up for our intensive one-on-one classes.
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6 Reasons Why Learning Chinese is Important in 2018

You may be thinking “Why should I learn Chinese in 2018?” Let us answer that question for you. While it’s the middle of February, we don’t see a problem with starting a New Year’s Resolution in February revolving around Mandarin language learning. Continue reading this article to find out the reasons why we believe ...
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Learn Chinese in China: Why Keats Uses Flashcards in Class

Everyone has a tip for learning Chinese in China and ours is flashcards. While everyone learns a new language differently, we know that the use of flashcards have been a rewarding way for students to learn Mandarin in China. At Keats School, we use flashcards in our classes. Our teachers use the latest and professional ...
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China Student Visa - Everything You Need to Know for 2018

Applying for a Chinese student visa is one of the biggest processes in terms of studying abroad. Not only does the China study visa requirements change throughout the years, but the process does take a bit of time. Since the information is always changing, we’ve written a blog post with the updates you can expect for 2018. ...
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1 Reason You Shouldn’t Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

You may have been thinking that you should study Chinese in Shanghai, but Shanghai may not be the best spot for you after all. While Shanghai is a major city in China, the air quality makes it an undesirable city for many international students. But before you forget about studying Chinese in China, you could study in ...
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6 Reasons to Take a Business Chinese Course

As Mandarin language professionals, we can tell you that there are many reasons why learning business Chinese is important. We use the language every day at Keats Language School in Kunming, China and our students bring their language skills back with them to their home countries and jobs. There are many reasons to learn ...
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Learn Mandarin in China - Kunming’s Cost of Living

For anyone packing their bags and heading to study Chinese in China, money will be on your mind. Instead of panicking about the cost of living and if you can afford a Chinese language program in China, read this article. We will explain to you why Keats School in Kunming is the best choice when it comes to learning ...
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Why Learn Mandarin in Kunming, China

It’s time to start thinking about what city you’re going to choose to study in when you come to China. With China being a massive nation, with nearly 1.4 billion people, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on why you should learn the Mandarin language and where you should study it. For many people, Kunming is their ...
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