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Become a Chinese Teacher – Everything You Need To Know

Why Become a Chinese Teacher

Nowadays, the number of Chinese language learners worldwide has reached more than 150 million people. If we calculate that every 10 students need a teacher, the shortage of Chinese teachers is at least 5 million, but there are only 5,000 holders of the International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate today. The reality that Chinese language teachers are in great demand tells us that you can take advantage of this opportunity to become an excellent Chinese language teacher and join the enormous team that teaches Chinese.

Besides, there are still many benefits to becoming a Chinese teacher.

Plenty of job opportunities

As mentioned above, there is a global shortage of Chinese teachers and learning Chinese is important.

No matter what country you are from, you can find a job as a Chinese teacher at a primary and secondary school or university in your home country, and it is extremely easy.

High Salary

According to surveys, international Chinese teachers around the world earn between $50-$80 per hour, which is much higher than most hourly wages in the general profession. In countries such as the United States, Philippines, and Australia, Chinese teachers can be paid as much as $7,000 per month.

Flexible working hours and long holidays

Because of the specialty of the teaching profession, you can enjoy paid summer and winter vacations and various national holidays. In addition, teachers have the flexibility to schedule their own spare time, which gives them a great deal of freedom.

What you need to become a Chinese language teacher

Passionate about Chinese culture and dedicated to spreading the Chinese language and culture

Of course, to become a Chinese teacher, you must first love Chinese culture, learn about it, and have a passion for spreading it. As language teachers, we need to have a general understanding of the culture of the language country and understand the stories behind the language so that we can teach more deeply and not get off track.

How to develop a love for Chinese culture? We can watch Chinese movies and documentaries and read ancient poems and history books, or through multimedia means such as the Internet, which are all effective ways to learn about Chinese culture.

Good Chinese language skills and knowledge of Chinese linguistics. Reach at HSK Level 5 or HSKK Intermediate

You must acquire professional knowledge of Chinese linguistics, such as phonetics, vocabulary, grammar, etc. Only with a solid knowledge of phonetics can a teacher have a good grasp of the keys to teaching phonetics and give timely and correct guidance when he/she finds that students have made phonetic errors. Secondly, in vocabulary and grammar teaching, the teacher must have a comprehensive knowledge of Chinese vocabulary and grammar. If you want to build a solid foundation in Chinese, Keats School will be a great choice for you. Founded in 2004, Keats is a Chinese language school that offers full services (accommodation and meals included). Its students mainly come from Europe and North America. In the past 19 years, Keats welcomed over 7300 students to study Chinese in China. It has professional teachers and a comprehensive teaching system, such as intensive one-on-one Chinese courses, which is very beneficial for improving Chinese language skills. Besides, as you need to pass for the HSK test, our HSK Test Preparation Course  is the pathway that can help you pass the test.

Obtain the International Chinese Language Teacher Certification

The most important first step is to obtain the International Chinese Language Teacher Certification and to get the qualification to practice. This certification becomes a necessary condition for judging whether an individual is a qualified teacher of Chinese as a foreign language, and the exam assesses whether the teacher has the ability to teach Chinese as a foreign language.

The requirements to apply for the International Chinese Language Teaching Certificate are as follows:

(1) Passionate about Chinese international education and devoted to spreading the Chinese language and culture.

(2) Have a university degree or above (including recent graduates).

(3) Chinese language level equivalent to HSK (Level 5) or HSKK (Intermediate).

How to improve your professionalism

Indulge yourself in Chinese culture

Teaching Chinese as a foreign language requires that teachers not only master the knowledge of linguistics but also accumulate a lot of knowledge of Chinese culture. For example, Chinese history, geography, food, folklore, etiquette, culture, etc. The best and most effective way is to put yourself in a Chinese environment. For instance, studying abroad in China and experiencing the charm of Chinese culture.

Enhance intercultural communication skills

Since your students come from different cultural backgrounds, to avoid cultural shock, a Chinese teacher should be aware of intercultural communication due to differences in customs and folk taboos. Communicate more with Chinese people to understand their interaction habits and cultural background, and continuously improve your intercultural communication skills.

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Sarah | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

My name is Sarah Fish. I am 81. I knew very little Chinese when I arrived. How was I going to survive 2 weeks of intensive Chinese course? I have to laugh when I think of that now. What a positive experience this has been! I really wish we could be here a little longer. The teachers are extremely encouraging, evaluating first how much someone knows, and then starting from there.


Aliza | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. When you learn Chinese in China at Keats, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.


Josh | USA

Small Group Chinese Class

I really had a wonderful experience at the school. The teachers are very very friendly. In my class, we practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We play games and other fun activities. We have trips around town. The staff at Keats is phenomenal. My teacher is one of the best teachers I have ever had in my educational experience. She comes in with a smile every day.



Small Group Chinese Class

I found Keats to be very good, teachers are excellent and really take the students seriously. Kunming is the best place to learn Mandarin in China. The environment is awesome, no pollution. The air quality is great, good weather. The people here are very friendly. I come to take classes every day. I feel comfortable studying Chinese at Keats. I learned so many things, although I only studied at Keats for 2 months. I am really satisfied with my teacher. For us foreigners, Keats is the best Chinese school in China. Therefore, I would highly recommend Keats to all of you.


Pakorn | Thailand

Small Group Chinese Class

It is very convenient to come to Kunming from Thailand. I really like my Chinese class and my Chinese improved a lot in a few months. There are many benefits of learning Chinese. The best thing I like about Keats is that it is in Kunming, a city with eternal spring. There is so much to see in Kunming and you will love this city after you come.


Robert | Netherlands

Small Group Chinese Class

Since last semester, we started studying Chinese at Keats. It was the best choice we can ever make. It is a really good school. The classes are a lot of fun, you learn a lot, but very interactive, so you talk a lot which means it is not just books and writing. Kunming is a really pleasant city to live in, especially if you compare it to other cities in the east. If you like to travel, if you like to study Chinese in a fun way, Keats has the best Chinese language program for you.


Ben | USA

Small Group Chinese Class

My first semester that I studied at another school, and the pressure there was pretty high, the classroom hour was long, and the homework was pretty tedious. Since I came to Keats, I found I have a lot more opportunities to speak in the classroom. My classmates all are fluent and love speaking and participating in the class. We have great classroom dynamic.


Faith | UK

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I have 2 teachers, and I do 4 hours a day. So I have got Dong Laoshi and Jin Laoshi. Both of them are very good. They made the experience very nice to me. They are willing to help you whenever, so if you ever have a question here, the teachers are always there to help you whether it is visas, whether it is getting around the city. Everyone wants to talk to you.

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