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One of the biggest myths, we believe, is that people over a certain age are unable to learn a new language. However, the fact is that even at the later stage of life, you can still choose to study a second language, such as the Chinese Mandarin

People over the age of 50 are interested in participating in social study groups and attending overseas study classes. They’re open to the idea of growing their mind and keeping their brains healthy, and they want to see the world while doing it.

In this blog post, we’re cutting ties with this myth and sharing five compelling reasons why you should learn a second language, such as learning the Chinese language later in life.


The first thing is that speaking two languages helps delay dementia (there are more benefits of speaking a second language). A study conducted by researchers at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences took 648 seniors with varying forms of dementia and literacy. Participants who spoke a second language could delay Alzheimer’s Disease, vascular dementia, and frontotemporal dementia by 4.5 years.

Speaking a second language requires a specific type of brain training, and switching between two languages needs a certain type of attention. That part of the brain, if used and exercised, could be what delays certain types of dementia.


In addition to delaying dementia, learning the Chinese language in China allows you to remind yourself what is possible to achieve if you put your mind to it.

Studying Mandarin Chinese involves memorizing grammar rules, different tones, and all of the vocabulary. It’s a workout for your brain, and once you start practicing the language, your recall will improve. We also listed out useful tips to study basic Chinese content for Mandarin learners. 

People who are bilingual or are learning another language are typically better at remembering lists, directions, and sequences.


One of the best perks of learning another language is that it allows you to travel abroad. Temporarily say goodbye to your house, get someone else to water your garden, and begin to live your worldly travel dreams!

One way to reach at least one of your bucket list locations is to study that country’s language. By learning Mandarin in China, you will be able to travel and visit many attractive Chinese cities. For example, when you study Mandarin Chinese in Kunming at Keats School, you cannot only enjoy a great time in the “Eternal Spring City” but also other beautiful locations. Dali and Lijiang are the most classical touring line; Puzhehei owns the amazing karst landscape of rivers and mountains; Yuanyang is the home of the Intangible Cultural Heritage – terrace fields; Xishuangbanna can bring you the most tropical experience in China; Tengchong and Jianshui are both important border ancient towns for exploring; Jingmai Tea Mountain will let you know more about the Chinese tea. Combining the Chinese language learning and touring together, you will gain more from your adventure.

Once you begin learning your second language, it will help traveling become easier for you (learn more about the benefits of learning Chinese as a second language). Even learning a few words will lead to experiences you wouldn’t experience if you stuck to the tourist streets.


Signing up for a second language course, such as an Intensive One-on-one Chinese course, is a great way for you to meet other people who share the same interests in language and culture as you. There are more facts you need to know about the intensive one-on-one Chinese program. As a mature student, there is increasing interest in cultural meetups, community programs, and extracurricular activities. There are various things you can do when studying and living in Kunming

These are all great ways to socialize and meet new people while studying a second language abroad.

The friends you meet abroad could become some of your longest-lasting friendships.


Learning the Chinese language is very useful. A new language gives you a newfound appreciation for the movies (8 films you need to watch for learning Chinese), books, and city streets of that country. It makes you want to become a local to be able to live like they do without thinking, “do I look out of place here?”

Once you start to understand the language, you will want to get outside the classroom more and experience your surroundings. Say yes to travel days, group trips, and volunteering experiences. These will deepen your connection with your new city and language.

Plus, once you get out and start reading and learning about the country and the city’s culture, your family will see you as a professional (learning more about the advantages of learning Chinese as an adult). They’ll be able to ask you anything, and you’ll probably know the answer. 

That’s what having a love for learning, language, and education does to a person!


For the monolingual people, the time to change is now. Research shows that adults who decide to learn a foreign language are completely capable of becoming highly proficient.

There are so many reasons to learn a second language as an adult. Not only will it build your social circle but it builds your brain power too.

If you’re interested in learning Mandarin in Kunming, China, contact Keats School today. We offer several different courses that could be of interest to more mature students.


1. Which language program can help senior group learn Mandarin fast and good?

At Keats School, there are multiple language programs for senior students to select from.

To better match up with the learning demand of the elder group, it is recommended to take intensive One-on-one Chinese classes, which are highly customized according to an individual’s learning habits and requirements. As an aged learner, this program can ease your tension of learning at most, for you don’t have to worry that you cannot catch up with other classmates and be embarrassed to ask questions in front of others.

2. What is the senior Mandarin learner can do to know more about the Chinese culture?

There are various cultural activities and events organized out of class at Keats School. You may choose from paper cutting, Mahjong playing, traditional instruments playing, Chinese cooking, and Tai Chi. There is also free weekend excursion at public parks, museums, and squares. Language exchange events must be the most popular and the most lively event to enjoy at Keats School. If you prefer a peaceful time, the Thursday movie night is also an ideal option.

3. Is the climate of Kunming comfortable enough for elder people?

Kunming is known as the “Eternal Spring City” in China, for it boasts the mildest climate in China. It also has the cleanest air, and you don’t have to worry about the air quality here at all.

Though there is no heat supply in south China in wintertime, including the Kunming area, Keats School thoughtfully installs a heating system throughout the school. It equips an electrical heater in each dormitory room to make a comfortable stay for Keats students.

4. What touring attractions can be visited by aged group in Kunming?

There are many beautiful parks that you must visit in Kunming.

The Green Lake in the center of the city; the Nationality Village next to the Dianchi Lake; The Golden Palace; The Western Hill Park; The Daguan Building Park.

The above parks are all easy to reach and a good environment for the senior group to enjoy the fresh air and pretty scenery.

5. Is Kunming a good city for senior age group to live and study?

Kunming owns the mildest climate in China, making it an ideal place for the senior group to live. A slow-paced living style here also makes it attractive for retired people to spend holidays here.

Though it is not as developed as Beijing, Shanghai, it also boasts many top standard medical institutions, bringing more insurance to your health management demands.

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Matteo | Italy

Small Group Chinese Class

I really enjoy studying Chinese in Kunming at Keats. The teachers are great and my classmates are awesome. It is an unforgettable experience for me. I also got the chance to travel to other places in Yunnan. Those places are amazing and you definitely need to visit these places when you study Chinese in China at Keats.


Emiliano | Mexico

Small Group Chinese Class

I come to Kunming because I think the environment in Kunming is better and I heard that Keats School is better. I like the small group Chinese class because my classmates study hard and our teachers are very good. I like the teaching method of Keats because I like the activities at Keats. I think Yunnan is a particularly beautiful Chinese province.



Jade | UK & Mauritius

Small Group Chinese Class

I think the Chinese learning environment here is great. The teaching methods are also very interactive and fun. What I particularly enjoy here is the fact that my teacher does not stick to the textbook. We spend a lot of time discussing general topics, such as Chinese culture, world news, typical expressions used by local people. We also discuss social and economic topics.


Joleen | Germany

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

About studying Chinese here, I think the living condition is very convenient because the dorm is very close to the classroom. Our teachers really enjoy teaching Chinese. They are also very passionate. Compared with other cities in China, Kunming has really good weather.


Joep | Netherlands

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I have been to Keats School to learn Chinese for 4 times now. The reason for coming back to this school is pretty much that the teachers I did work with were very good Chinese teachers. I make it a 5-year plan or even a 10-year plan to come back to this school.  All the teachers have methods of looking at what your skills are. They are aware of at what level you are. I think it is worth for everyone.


Stew | UK

Small Group Chinese Class

The place is very cool. I am with a great group of people in my class, so coming to classes is very enjoyable. It is fun, we have a lot of discussions, games, activities. Our teachers are also very good, very supportive. Learning Chinese is intimidating at the start because you have so many questions. But I would advise coming to Keats because the atmosphere for learning is great. It is very relaxing. I would recommend the school.


Hitanshu | UK

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

It doesn’t matter what level of Chinese you have, or even you can start from the zero level. Your teacher will prepare the lessons according to your requirements. The advantage of living in the school is that you will have your tutoring, you will have your private accommodation with your own bathroom and all the meals provided. I highly recommend everybody to actually take the whole package because you get to meet other students.


Aliza | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. When you learn Chinese in China at Keats, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.

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