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Deciding to study abroad does not mean you’re simply going to travel overseas to study another language. It’s a dynamic experience that includes studying, traveling and it can even involve volunteering to fortify your trip.

Volunteering offers the vital help people need, and the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer.

Instead of sitting in your room when you’re not studying at your new school, pick an organization, company, or group you believe in and volunteer your time.

In this blog post, we’ll share with you 4 worthwhile reasons why you should volunteer while you’re learning in China. It will enhance your experience abroad… trust us!


It’s easy to feel homesick in a country where you don’t know anyone. Besides the home comfort tips to help with study abroad homesickness and things to stop feeling homesick, volunteering is another option to ease the homesickness. You can close yourself off to your dorm room and continue messaging your friends from back home, or you can volunteer your time and meet new people and gain new perspectives.

The friends you meet abroad volunteering will be new travel buddies for you, support systems if you’re feeling homesick and maybe even life long friends.

Depending on what organization you decide to volunteer for, your opinions may be challenged and widened. You may even be able to share your knowledge and become a mentor or educator for one of your volunteer friends or someone you’re volunteering for.

This means that not only will you be growing your academic skills in class, but you’ll be broadening your life skills after school. This is invaluable for a student like yourself.

Volunteering opens your eyes up to cultural differences in a local setting. It allows your mind to expand and for you to grow within yourself.


You’re in a new country for a reason… to learn the language. What better way than to practice it while volunteering with locals?

Let me break it down for you. If your school friends speak English outside of class, you’re most likely going to speak English with them. Volunteering gives you the ability to practice Mandarin in context, with locals!

When you decide to volunteer abroad, you’re putting yourself in the situation to test your new language skills. People normally appreciate your commitment to language learning and will help you along the way if you ask. That is one of the benefits of an immersion Chinese language program. By combining study and volunteering in China, you can work your trip to China out of the most. 

Speaking Mandarin (your new language) with the people you volunteer with will mean you’re learning the “local” Mandarin. The extra time you spend learning and practicing your second language, the better you’re going to get. Your Mandarin teacher will notice your improved skills.


Learning the Chinese language is hard work. It’s many fulfilling hours in the classroom, honing your Mandarin skills, practicing the language with your classmates, or perfecting your speech with your one-on-one instructor.

Volunteering in your off-time will allow for growth outside of the classroom (What else can you do in Kunming after classes?). While you’re still perfecting your language skills, your main focus will be helping the ones you’re volunteering for.

Interacting with new people and helping the community is going to add remarkable value to your life. There is no substitute for the fulfillment you will receive from helping others, especially those living in parts of the world you may have never visited before.

When you contribute to the community, it will contribute to you.


Volunteering allows you to try different organizations, roles, and business industries, for size. Although volunteering isn’t the same thing as being on staff, it will allow you to see what you may like to do for a job once you finish your education. Learning the Chinese language and doing volunteer work can benefit your future career at the same time. Not to mention, volunteering allows you to experience the career world without committing to something full-time or long-term at the current moment.

In addition to learning what type of career may be of interest to you, you will also learn new and transferable skills that will benefit your career.

After studying abroad, learning new skills, and volunteering in your spare time, it’s time to create your C.V.

When employers see a C.V. with study abroad experience, they are more likely to be interested in the applicant. This is because studying abroad can help your career, deepens your passion for learning, and shows employers that you’re interested in continued growth. Not to mention that studying abroad teaching you leadership skills, opens your mind to greater innovation, and teaches you a new degree of maturity.


Okay, enough talking. We can feel you itching to close this tab and click open a website to find out the best Chinese language learning and volunteering program in China. You’re ready to study abroad, and you’re ready to volunteer while you’re away.

It’s a win-win situation!

Before you click open the travel company’s website, why don’t you do some research about your dream school abroad? What type of courses do they offer? Do they offer a volunteering option? Which locations are available for choice?

Keats School in Kunming, China, offers a Chinese Language Course + Volunteer in China study option. The course includes intensive one-on-one Chinese lessons and a chance to help others and explore the culture.

Though based in Kunming, Keats School owns other branch schools in different popular locations across China, such as Dali, Lijiang, Puzhehei, Yuanyang, Xishuangbanna, Tengchong, Jianshui, and Jingmai Tea Mountain. It provides more options with cities to stay and experience, which means you can save money on traveling at the same time by choosing to learn Chinese at Keats School.

Contact Keats School today for more information about intensive one-on-one learning and volunteering in the beautiful city of Kunming.


1. What is the benefit of volunteering abroad in China?
  • your Chinese proficiency could be improved within a short period
  • gaining unique experience and new perspective by helping others
  • experiencing cultural exchange from learning and volunteering
2. What kind of volunteering program I can join abroad?

It would be a win-win situation if you could combine language learning and volunteering work into one program.

Keats School can offer you this perfect combination by letting you enjoy an intensive one-on-one Chinese language course in the morning and volunteering to teach English in the afternoon or at weekends for local English learners.

You can not just help people with their English learning but also have a chance to make friends with locals and more opportunities to practice your Chinese.

3. Is it worth of volunteering abroad in China?

It is worth volunteering and learning abroad in China for the following reasons:

  • you can immerse fully in the authentic Chinese learning environment to improve your Mandarin Chinese level
  • China is a country with huge developing potential. By studying and volunteering here, you will learn more facts about this country directly
  • volunteering in China can cultivate your independence
  • learning by yourself in China can also help you gain maturity
4. Can I enjoy volunteering while learning abroad?

Of course, you can, and you will find the best Chinese language learning and volunteering program at Keats School, Kunming.

This is the most economical and meaningful way to enjoy a trip to China. While your daily expenses are almost covered in your Keats School tuition fee, you can enjoy the fulfillment of being a volunteer as well. Many international students enjoyed their learning and volunteering experience at Keats School. You may watch these videos to know more about their stories in China.

5. Where is the best city to enjoy a volunteering trip in China?

Kunming city must be your first choice because you can find the best private school here, the Keats School, to help you customize your very own Chinese learning and volunteering work together.

Intensive one-on-0ne Chinese classes will be delivered by qualified Chinese teachers for you. The meaningful volunteering work will be arranged in the weekday afternoon or at weekends to fulfill your time in China.

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Matteo | Italy

Small Group Chinese Class

I really enjoy studying Chinese in Kunming at Keats. The teachers are great and my classmates are awesome. It is an unforgettable experience for me. I also got the chance to travel to other places in Yunnan. Those places are amazing and you definitely need to visit these places when you study Chinese in China at Keats.


Emiliano | Mexico

Small Group Chinese Class

I come to Kunming because I think the environment in Kunming is better and I heard that Keats School is better. I like the small group Chinese class because my classmates study hard and our teachers are very good. I like the teaching method of Keats because I like the activities at Keats. I think Yunnan is a particularly beautiful Chinese province.



Jade | UK & Mauritius

Small Group Chinese Class

I think the Chinese learning environment here is great. The teaching methods are also very interactive and fun. What I particularly enjoy here is the fact that my teacher does not stick to the textbook. We spend a lot of time discussing general topics, such as Chinese culture, world news, typical expressions used by local people. We also discuss social and economic topics.


Joleen | Germany

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

About studying Chinese here, I think the living condition is very convenient because the dorm is very close to the classroom. Our teachers really enjoy teaching Chinese. They are also very passionate. Compared with other cities in China, Kunming has really good weather.


Joep | Netherlands

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I have been to Keats School to learn Chinese for 4 times now. The reason for coming back to this school is pretty much that the teachers I did work with were very good Chinese teachers. I make it a 5-year plan or even a 10-year plan to come back to this school.  All the teachers have methods of looking at what your skills are. They are aware of at what level you are. I think it is worth for everyone.


Stew | UK

Small Group Chinese Class

The place is very cool. I am with a great group of people in my class, so coming to classes is very enjoyable. It is fun, we have a lot of discussions, games, activities. Our teachers are also very good, very supportive. Learning Chinese is intimidating at the start because you have so many questions. But I would advise coming to Keats because the atmosphere for learning is great. It is very relaxing. I would recommend the school.


Hitanshu | UK

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

It doesn’t matter what level of Chinese you have, or even you can start from the zero level. Your teacher will prepare the lessons according to your requirements. The advantage of living in the school is that you will have your tutoring, you will have your private accommodation with your own bathroom and all the meals provided. I highly recommend everybody to actually take the whole package because you get to meet other students.


Aliza | USA

Intensive One-on-One Chinese Classes

I found Keats School and I am so glad that I did. When you learn Chinese in China at Keats, you are fully being taken care of. My teacher is really great and we become lovely friends.

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