Don’t Study Chinese in Shanghai - 5 Reasons to Pick Kunming Instead

There are a lot of publications and schools in China where you can study Mandarin. While many of them encourage you to learn Chinese in Shanghai, we’re here to tell you otherwise. You could pick to study Chinese in Shanghai, but the level of fluency you will achieve there will not match the level you will reach at Keats ...
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1 Reason You Shouldn’t Learn Mandarin in Shanghai

You may have been thinking that you should study Chinese in Shanghai, but Shanghai may not be the best spot for you after all. While Shanghai is a major city in China, the air quality makes it an undesirable city for many international students. But before you forget about studying Chinese in China, you could study in ...
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Learn Mandarin in China - Kunming’s Cost of Living

For anyone packing their bags and heading to study Chinese in China, money will be on your mind. Instead of panicking about the cost of living and if you can afford a Chinese language program in China, read this article. We will explain to you why Keats School in Kunming is the best choice when it comes to learning ...
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Why Learn Mandarin in Kunming, China

It’s time to start thinking about what city you’re going to choose to study in when you come to China. With China being a massive nation, with nearly 1.4 billion people, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on why you should learn the Mandarin language and where you should study it. For many people, Kunming is their ...
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5 Things to do in Kunming

So, you’ve decided that you’ll be studying Mandarin in Kunming, China, but have you decided what you want to see while you’re in Kunming? Kunming is a beautiful city and is the capital of China’s southern province of Yunnan. It has a population of 6 million and has a lot of points of interests for study abroad students. ...
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5 Reasons to Study Chinese in Yunnan

Yunnan is a province in southwestern China known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse citizens. The province is situated in a mountainous area with high elevations in the northwest and lower elevations in the southwest. More than 45 million people called Yunnan home. It may seem like an odd place to study Mandarin ...
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Learn Business Chinese - 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Keats School

By now you’ve probably heard that Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and is the top language you should learn as a professional. As a professional, who is trying to grow their career, learning business Chinese will not only up your game in the office, but your brain power too. [Read More: Why You Need To ...
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Chinese Dishes Included in Keats School Tuition

There are many reasons to study Mandarin at Keats School, but the most mouthwatering reason is the food. While food can be an expensive addition to studying abroad, Keats School includes meals in their tuition cost. This allows you to stop worrying about how much money you’ll have to save for food costs. Keats School ...
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12 Things to Know Before Moving to China for School

We all know about the hustle and bustle of China. The business, the rapid growth and change. People are travelling to China for a holiday, to study abroad or to learn the rich history of the beautiful temples. While a lot of westernized amenities are now available in China, it is still this raw, authentic, ancient country ...
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What’s The Best City in China To Study Mandarin In?

It’s time to decide what city you’re going to call your “home away from home”. Will it be Beijing? What about Shanghai? Why not pick the beautiful city of Kunming. It may not be as large as these other cities, but the benefits of living in the city of eternal spring outweigh the over-populated areas of China. In this blog ...
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