What’s The Easiest Way to Learn Mandarin Chinese?

Easiest way to learn Mandarin Chinese

There are many different ways to learn Mandarin Chinese.

You can download an app on your phone and try to do it solo. You can buy Mandarin books and study the textbooks on your own, you can sign up for classes in your home country or you can travel to China and learn Mandarin through a Mandarin language school.

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Each option will allow you to learn basic Mandarin phrases, but if you’re planning to fully understand the language, the easiest way to learn Mandarin Chinese is by studying in China.

At Keats School in Kunming, we’ve done years of research in determining how to learn Mandarin easily and the way that most people find the easiest and most useful is intensive one-on-one classes at a Chinese language school.

Easiest way to learn mandarin

There are many reasons why, which is what this blog post is all about. While is may seem easier to download an app and learn a language on your own, your complete understanding of the language will remain lower than a beginner level.

When you travel to China and study at a Mandarin language school, you have the ability to immerse yourself in the language. When you do this in addition to intensive one-on-one classes, you have the ability to form a greater understanding and comprehension of the Chinese language.

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Instead of remaining a beginner Mandarin speaker, we can turn you into the Mandarin language expert you wish to be.

Easy way to learn Chinese

Our school specializes in intensive one-on-one classes. They’re our most popular class option. More than 40% of students return after their first stint of studying in China to continue lessons at Keats.

So, what makes intensive one-on-one the easiest way to learn Mandarin?

When you sign up for intensive one-on-one classes, you will be in a classroom with a Mandarin professor for four to six hours a day. Four hours a day equals out to 20 hours a week and six hours a day equals to 30 hours a week.

As you can figure, intensive one-on-one means that there are no other people in the room with you. We develop personalized exercises and materials exclusively for you to meet your learning goals and requirements.

The easiest way to learn Chinese

With this type of learning, you will maximize the amount that you will learn at Keats. It also provides you with more opportunities to practice your spoken Chinese and you will get a real-time correction.

The first big advantage of intensive learning is pure frequency. You’re spending multiple hours a day learning Mandarin with just you and a teacher. Each day you will learn a new chunk of information and you will have your teacher to practice with.

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This leads us to the second benefit, you’re exposed to more material. By having class time each day gives you a lot of new vocabulary and characters to learn.

Do you remember the days of your past university experience when you were just a number in a large lecture hall?

How to learn Mandarin easily

Keats School is different.

You don’t have to feel nervous to ask your question in front of a full classroom of students.

Instead, you’ll feel comfortable having a conversation with your professor who can answer your question right then and there. And, if you need more information or don’t understand, your teacher will spend the time with you to make sure you understand before moving ahead.

When do classes start?

Easy way to learn Mandarin

In addition to these benefits of intensive one-on-one that make it an easy way to learn and understand Mandarin, another benefit is timing.

At Keats, our intensive one-on-one classes have an anytime start date. This means whenever you want to learn Mandarin, we’ll be there for you. You sign up for an intensive one-on-one class because you know it’s the easiest way to learn Mandarin Chinese and we’ll match a professor with you.

Classes run from one week to 52 weeks. This means if you have a month available, we can create a custom Mandarin language plan to fill that month. If you have a longer or shorter amount of time available, we’ll make that work too.

What’s the cost?

There are nine different package options for the intensive one-on-one course. They range from 3300 CNY ($502 USD) to 5300 CNY ($806 USD). Each course packages include intensive one-on-one + three meals. The more expensive ones go on to include culture class fees.

In addition to class fees, tuition includes airport pickup and drop off, unlimited gym access, laundry, internet access, travel planning in China, SIM card for a cell phone, medicine for minor illnesses and a tour around Kunming.

Let’s get started

Easy way to learn Chinese

If you’re still questioning whether or not intensive one-on-one is for you, take a word from our students.

Fred, a student from New Jersey who has been to Keats twice to study said this about intensive one-on-one classes:

“My experience at Keats was extremely positive. The teacher assigned to me was very competent and dedicated. She was able to tailor the lessons to my level and needs. I think Keats is more than just a “school.” To me it’s an international community where you can meet and make friends with people of all ages and from all countries and cultures bound by a common interest in Chinese culture and language.”

If you’re interested in learning more about why intensive one-on-one is the easiest way to learn Mandarin, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re ready to sign up for classes, fill out our easy online application form.

We can’t wait to see you at Keats School.

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