Your Child Has Decided to Study Abroad in China: 5 Things to Consider

A mom and daughter disccusing the benefits of studying abroad

Watching your child pack their bags, head to the airport and get on a plane alone to China to study is a moment you will never forget.

There will be happy tears that they’re going off and educating themselves, but there will also be sad tears because you’re going to miss them. But, the happy tears will outweigh the sad tears and when they land in Kunming, China, we’ll take great care of them.

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Allowing your child to study abroad is a big decision, so here are 5 considerations you and your family should consider before applying to schooling abroad.

1. The Cost

Mother and Daughter sitting down talking about why studying abroad is a good thing in Kunming, China.

The costs of study abroad programs vary greatly across schools and programs. At Keats School in Kunming, China, we offer eight different study options, at various different price points.

Depending on the study option, and how long you intend to study abroad, your cost will differ.

Our tuition prices also include accommodation, food and amenities. Not all schools offer this, which means the cost will greatly increase when you add on rent and food. To see everything that’s included in our tuition fees, check out our application section on the website. It shows you every option at Keats and what’s included in the fee.

2. Extra travel costs

Family planning the extra costs associated with studying abroad.

When your kid gets off the plane in Kunming, China, they’re going to feel the overwhelming sense of wanderlust. It’s a new country they may never have been to before, which means they’re going to want to explore when they’re not in school.

That could simply mean exploring the beautiful city of Kunming on their free time or it could mean buying a flight to a nearby tourism point of interest and heading there for the weekend.

There will be extra costs during their time away studying. This means your family will have to save a bit of extra pocket cash for the trip. Discussing potential travel plans with your child ahead of time will allow your family to plan for the extra funds.

If those funds aren’t completely available for you, Keats School offers Culture Classes in addition to Mandarin courses. These classes will make your child receive a cultural awakening.

We also offer a Chinese Language Course + Tour in China and a Chinese Language Course + Volunteer in China.

These three options will have your child experiencing the city and country, all while becoming fluent in Mandarin.

3. Health and safety concerns

A hospital bed with a teenager sitting in it

Your child’s health and safety are going to be one of your biggest concerns when deciding if studying abroad is right for them.

At Keats, we take this very seriously, as we want you to be comfortable at home while your child is with us.

We offer medications for minor illnesses and will help your child if they need to visit a doctor or hospital.

There are some very good international hospitals in Kunming. They have very good doctors and equipment for medical treatment.

They work together with foreign insurance companies to make sure that your medical cost occurred in China could be compensated. The teachers at Keats will take the students to see a doctor and will help to translate. The school also offers special meals for students who don’t feel very well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the health and security measures at Keats, speak to one of our representatives. We’d be happy to discuss this with you.

You can also buy travel insurance and speak to a physician who specializes in travel medicine and traveling abroad precautions.

4. Passports and the right documentation

Visa application form

It’s important to have all of the right documentation before studying abroad.

Students will need a passport and visa when travelling to Kunming, China to study. To receive your visa for studying abroad, your child’s passport will need at least 6 months of remaining validity and blank visa pages.

There are two options for visas when studying at Keats School. Before feeling overwhelmed about the processes and needed documentation, download our exclusive Visa Fact Sheet. We cover everything needed when applying for a visa and answer all the most frequently asked questions.

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At Keats, we offer to help you and your family with the visa application, something that is not included for a lot of other universities and school.

5. Keeping in touch

A group of computers at Keats School to keep staying in touch easy with parents

If the distance between you and your child worries you, don’t worry, keeping in touch is a lot easier nowadays.

Modern technology, especially the internet, makes it incredibly easy to know what’s going on in your child’s life while they're abroad.

First things first, you’ll want to download skype and have your child show you how it works if you’re not already familiar with it.

Once your kid is in Kunming, China, you’ll be able to have Skype dates. They can even tell you some of the new Mandarin they’ve learned.

At Keats School, we offer free internet access for all students, as well as a SIM card for their phone.

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Make sure to like Keats Facebook page as well because we’re always updating our student albums from fun activities.

If you’re hoping to send mail or care packages to your child while they’re studying at Keats, you can do so by sending the package to the following address:

80 Dongfeng Dong Lu (Dongfeng East Road) 16th Fl., Guolian Building, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, 650041

We can't wait to hand your child their mail!

Consider Keats School

A Keats classroom with student and teacher

Now that you’re a little more at ease with your son or daughter travelling abroad to study Mandarin, you must consider where they’ll study.

Throughout this blog post, we’ve mentioned benefits of studying Mandarin at Keats School. To learn more about why Keats School is the best option, download our “Consider This” checklist. We talk about what’s offered at Keats School, which other schools don’t offer.

To get started on the application process, visit Keats School online.

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