What’s The Best Way To Learn A New Language?

Keats School student sits with personal teacher in Kunming, China

There are a lot of options for studying a new language.You can stay at home and learn it through an app or you can travel across the globe and learn it from the locals.

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Each option will give you the ability to know some words, order your favourite meal at a restaurant and ask where the toilet is. But, applying to an intensive one-on-one course is the very best option if you’re looking to become fluent in a new language. We’re going to share with you why in this blog post.

What Is Intensive One-On-One?

A teacher sits with an intensive one-on-one student at Keats School

An intensive one-on-one course is exactly what it sounds like. You and a teacher, studying your language of choice in a classroom. No other students to distract you from your learning and no other students for your teacher to answer to.

Working one-on-one has many advantages over group learning. It becomes more focused, the teacher is able to build a plan for you and you stay more engaged in the lesson.

One-on-one classes cut out distractions giving students more bang for their buck.

At Keats School in Kunming, China, we offer intensive one-on-one Mandarin classes that range from 4 hours a day/20 hours a week to 6 hours a day/30 hours a week.

Popularity And Customizable

Male student smiles while learning Mandarin, Chinese in Kunming, China

The one-on-one Chinese program at Keats School has been the most popular program since opening in 2004. It provides students with the opportunity to practice their spoken Chinese and get real-time corrections, unlike an app.

Before starting an intensive course at Keats, students speak with their teacher to prepare a customized lesson based on requirements and language wants.

This means the course is 100% customized to you and that’s a huge bonus for a lot of travel abroad students. Why sit on a couch and speak into an app or sit in a classroom with 30 other students, when you can sit in a private room with a teacher and work one-on-one on your language skills?

Trying Out Different Techniques

Keats School teacher holds up card with Mandarin writing on it.

Everyone learns differently and having the opportunity to use your preferred learning technique is another bonus of one-on-one learning.

Did you know there are three major types of learning? You’re either a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner. Knowing what type of learner you are before starting your course, gives you the chance to talk with your teacher about what works best for you.

A German psychologist named Hermann Ebbinghaus said that people learn more when they space out learning out rather than cramming it all together. By signing up for an intensive class, you have the ability to space out your learning throughout the week since you can choose to study for only 4 hours a day.

Ebbinghaus also mentioned that people remember things better when they link them to personal experiences. For example, book in Mandarin is Shū. Some students have found that if they think about a book in a shoe, this little personal image helps them remember the Mandarin word better.

Knowing what techniques work for you and sharing those with your teacher will benefit your study abroad experience. Your teacher will take your strengths into consideration and create a study plan and worksheets that work best for you.

They’re with you every step of the way during your language learning.

No Question Is A Silly Question

Keats School student works on course work with private teaching lesson

There’s a very popular saying that “no question is a silly question” and while we all are taught that, there still remains some intimidation asking a question in front of a group of people for the fear of it sounding silly.

When you decide to study with solely the teacher in the room, that problem will never appear.

You will form a bond with your teacher, allowing you to relax and ask any question on your mind. You don’t have to be scared of sounding silly, or forgetting what book in Mandarin is, your teacher is there to walk with you while you become fluent.

Mistakes Help You Learn

One student asks teacher what is the best way to learn a language at Keats School

One of the most common barriers to conversing in a new language is the fear of making mistakes. Imagine that you’re in a big classroom full of other students, you may not feel as comfortable speaking in front of everyone else.

With a one-on-one study experience, you’re the only one in the room with the teacher, so you have to talk.

You may still feel uncomfortable, but having no one else in the room will allow you the ability to learn from your mistakes.

Speaking to your teacher will show them that you’re interested in learning and conversing with them to better your skills. They’ll appreciate your effort and even help you when you make a mistake.

The more you speak with your one-on-one teacher, the more comfortable you’ll be speaking your language of choice outside of the classroom.

What Keats School Offers

Adult male sits with Keats School teacher and learns Mandarin in Kunming China

While each intensive one-on-one course is different, Keats School offers personal study plans, the best Mandarin teachers, anytime start dates and full services including study, food and accommodation.

Keats School offers a number of different study programs and we’ve seen ultimate success with the intensive one-on-one course. Our students leave Keats on their way to fluency, with improved self-confidence and the ability to take their language learning back to their corporate jobs.

If you’re interested in Keats School, click here for more information about our one-on-one study option.

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