Your Child Has Decided to Study Abroad in China: 5 Things to Consider

Watching your child pack their bags, head to the airport and get on a plane alone to China to study is a moment you will never forget. There will be happy tears that they’re going off and educating themselves, but there will also be sad tears because you’re going to miss them. But, the happy tears will outweigh the sad ...
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12 Things to Know Before Moving to China for School

We all know about the hustle and bustle of China. The business, the rapid growth and change. People are travelling to China for a holiday, to study abroad or to learn the rich history of the beautiful temples. While a lot of westernized amenities are now available in China, it is still this raw, authentic, ancient country ...
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How To Request Time Off Work To Study In China

Asking for time off work isn’t always an easy conversation to have with a manager. Each office is a little different, with different rules when it comes to taking time off to study, travel abroad or another type of leave. You know you want to take time off work to study another language, so it’s time to start preparing for ...
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What’s The Best City in China To Study Mandarin In?

It’s time to decide what city you’re going to call your “home away from home”. Will it be Beijing? What about Shanghai? Why not pick the beautiful city of Kunming. It may not be as large as these other cities, but the benefits of living in the city of eternal spring outweigh the over-populated areas of China. In this blog ...
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