These 8 Things Will Tell You If You Should Learn Basic Mandarin

A woman with a computer typing in whether she should learn basic mandarin as a millennial.

We’ve all heard it before “Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world”, but should millennials be worried about learning it?

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If you’re a millennial and are debating learning the Mandarin language, carry on reading. We’re breaking it down for you by asking a series of questions. If you answer “yes” to any or all of these questions, you need to start studying Mandarin.

Will you be working in business?

A woman shaking a man’s hand in a business meeting

Mandarin is the language of business. Many companies see knowing this language as an added skill, which increases your chance of hire.

Knowing how to speak Mandarin will help your career in many ways. Whether you’re working towards being an engineer or having a career in the manufacturing industry, you will most likely do deals with someone who speaks Mandarin.

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Use your skills during a work meeting, client call or presentation and allow clients or suppliers who primarily speak Mandarin feel comfortable within your company.

Do you like to travel?

A woman standing outside a train thinking about why she should learn basic mandarin

You guessed it… if you like to travel, you may eventually head to a place that primarily speaks Mandarin. Instead of feeling uncomfortable and relying on a translation app, if you know Mandarin, you will be able to travel at ease with a full understanding of your surroundings.

Not only will you be able to travel easily, buy your favourite treats and negotiate a bargain with the locals, but you can also help other tourists struggling with the Mandarin language. You’d be in their shoes if you chose not to learn Mandarin.

Do you want to succeed?

A man and woman sitting behind a laptop

Mandarin will bring you so many benefits. Over the last 35 years, China has become arguably the largest global economy out there.

This means that China has opened themselves up as a country encouraging foreign investment and economic cooperation. With this brings a huge demand for people who can bridge the gap between the new China and the rest of the world.

The possibilities are really endless if you know Mandarin.

Are you looking to communicate with the masses?

a laptop with the Chinese social media channels

More than one billion people speak Mandarin. That’s one billion people you could reach if you learned the language.

If you learn Mandarin, you also gain access to a whole new world of Chinese online spaces. Due to government restrictions, the online space in China looks a lot different than the rest of the world.

The Chinese internet is full of its own unique multimedia platforms and other content virtually unknown to the rest of the world. China even has its own versions of Youtube called Youku and Tudou.

If you learned Mandarin, you could even start uploading on those to become internet famous, as so many millennials hope to be.

Are you curious about culture?

A Chinese lantern festival

The Mandarin language has a deep history behind it. We briefly touched on it in our “The Mandarin Language: A Brief History” blog post.

Mandarin Chinese is the official language of mainland China and has been since 1982. It’s also one of the four official languages of Singapore and is one of the eight official languages of the United Nations.

Not only does the language itself have a history behind it, but China does as well. China is an extremely large country with customs and traditions of its people. When you learn Mandarin, you will be able to fully understand the history of the language, the country, the temples and the people.

At Keats School in Kunming China, we offer culture classes in addition to Mandarin lessons. These culture classes range from learning the history of China, Chinese calligraphy, Tai Chi, Chinese Kung Fu and Chinese musical instruments.

Are you an artist?

Chinese characters drawn with ink

If you’re an artist or you’d like to practice your art skills, learning Mandarin is a great place. Chinese symbols and characters require a steady hand. These characters are created by using strokes, which is very much like painting.

Within the culture classes, we offer Chinese calligraphy classes. After taking three to five lessons, students are able to write their own works of art. There are two hours for one Chinese calligraphy lesson and two lessons per week.

Do you want to open your mind?

The Chinese word and character for idea.

Studies have shown that Chinese speakers think about things differently than others. The Chinese have different concepts of time, space and history that can only be understood through the Mandarin language. To learn more about how the Chinese understands time, read “How Different Cultures Understand Time” by Business Insider.

Learning the Mandarin grammar structure, word order, the different tones and the order of the words and phrases will help form the Chinese outlook on life.

Do you like food?

A flat lay of Chinese foods

I think we all like food. It’s a staple that keeps us going. But, what we like even more is good quality, fresh foods that leave us feeling good. There are sizzling food markets across China that offer unique dishes that are not found anywhere else.

If you know the Mandarin language, you will be able to visit one of these markets and know exactly what you’re buying.

At Keats School, we offer Chinese cooking classes to help students learn how to cook authentic Chinese foods. This means students have the chance to become master Chinese cooks and bring their skills home with them.

Ready to learn Mandarin?

So, if you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re more than likely itching to start learning Mandarin. If you’re hoping to kick-start your career and make a difference in the world, your best bet is learning Mandarin. Many famous stars and entrepreneurs have learned this language as a way to boost their futures.

At Keats School, we offer customized study plans and work with your available schedule. To apply, visit our apply online section, or to learn more about Keats, visit our blog.

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