The Benefits of Learning a Second Language in College

A male student ready to travel to Kunming, China to learn a second language in school

How many days have you sat in the lecture hall at college and day dreamed about studying abroad?

While it may only seem like a fantasy right now, with a little research and a lot of planning, studying abroad can become a reality when you’re on summer break.

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For many colleges, there’s a requirement of a language course for undergraduate students. While many students do the bare minimum, there is a multitude of benefits to diving deep into learning a second language. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits of learning another language abroad during college.

Your opportunity to study abroad increases

A female student drinking coffee outside in Kunming, China

Wanting to learn another language during your time off at college opens up the travel door for you. What better way to learn the new language than living in the country it’s spoken in?

Having the time off school is the perfect reason to pack your bags, apply to your dream study program and jet set off to your new home away from home.

Not only will you be learning the language from native speakers, but you’ll practice your language skills with locals and immerse yourself in the culture. But more on that later.

You can meet new people

A man and woman studying the globe together thinking about learning a second language

We know you’re meeting new people during the school year at college, but why not open your friend's group to accept global friendships.

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are interested not only in language but in education and traveling too. Some of the best kind of people we believe!

Your ability to have conversations in another language with international speakers will give you the automatic appreciation for different cities and the people who live in them. Although the locals may notice the imperfections of your new accent, they will appreciate and respect your decision to continue practicing. They may even give you a language lesson while you’re exploring the streets of your new city.

Not only will you meet new people while you’re abroad studying, but with your newfound fluency, when you’re back home the language is going to continue to benefit you.

If you decide to learn Mandarin, you’ll be happy to know that it’s the most spoken language in the world.

That means sometime in your life you’re going to meet someone who speaks Mandarin. If you can use your language skills with them, you may find a new friend, client or colleague in them.

It’s useful in the real world

Two men walking in an office space

Having the ability to speak a second language is a skill that you can use in the real world after you finish college. Trust us… learning a new language has never been a regret for anyone we know.

Knowing Mandarin and having that on your C.V. will even help with future job opportunities.

With the increasingly global society, being fluent in Mandarin, the language of business, manufacturing, and tourism, is a growing want from many global companies.

If you’re able to have a flowing conversation with a client who primarily speaks Mandarin, your skills in the workplace won’t go unnoticed.

Not only will it help in the real world, but you’re going to gain maturity, which will better you.

A survey by Smart Study found that 95% of people who took part in their study admitted that studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity.

You become more culturally aware

A woman biking into Kunming, China to learn a second language.

When you decide that it’s time to travel abroad to study a new language, your brain is going to thank you.

From talking about current events to learning about the country’s history, you will become more knowledgeable about the culture of other countries.

You may have never traveled outside of your hometown or country. You also may not remember everything you learned in grade school history class. Studying overseas will be a nice brain refresher and it will also open your eyes to life outside of your comfort zone.

Cultural norms will be different, the language will be different, the food may not taste the same and the political climate will more than likely be different than your home country. All of these cultural differences will allow you to become more aware of the way of life others experience.

It’s now or later

A woman looking at a map in Kunming, China.

I couldn’t say it better if I tried. It’s either now or later and who likes waiting?

If you’re day dreaming about exploring the world, learning a new language and escaping your hometown college for awhile, it’s time to sign up for that Mandarin class.

College is the time to try new and exciting classes, so why not add one more class to your summer vacation timetable.

The benefits of studying a second language are much greater than the disadvantages. If you have the time to travel overseas and fully lose yourself in a new language, start researching study programs.

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To learn more, contact us today.

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