4 Benefits of Volunteering While Studying Abroad

Deciding to study abroad does not mean you’re simply going to travel overseas to study another language. It’s a dynamic experience that includes studying, traveling and it can even involve volunteering to fortify your trip. Volunteering offers the vital help people need and the benefits can be even greater for you, the ...
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Five Ways How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

You’ve heard it before…. studying abroad will help you and your career. While some people believe that education stops after you have your degree, you know that’s not true. Furthering your education and continuing to broaden your horizons by studying abroad will, in fact, help grow your career further. International ...
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4 Benefits of Studying Abroad as a Millennial

There is an allure to traveling abroad to study. It’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” that sets in when someone begins to consider moving away from their hometown to study another language in a brand new country. It’s the feeling of butterflies fluttering in the stomach. This desire to move away and see something new is ...
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Why you should Study and Go Abroad more than Once

Many of us travel abroad to learn a new language, experience a new culture and create a thirst for adventure. What happens if you want to go abroad a second or third time? We say go for it - Get more out of your study abroad experience by immersing yourself in the culture more than once! Your first study abroad experience ...
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Why learn Mandarin? 5 reasons why it will improve your career

There are so many reasons for learning a new language. You might be aiming to broaden your knowledge, add to your C.V., or increase your credibility for career opportunities. Whatever the reason is, you’re on your way to adding another skill to your life. While there are thousands of languages to pick from, choosing ...
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How to save money while studying in China

So, you want to be a savvy saver to be able to make studying abroad a reality. While traveling and studying abroad will be expensive and you probably will hit some unexpected costs, there are ways to save money now for your travel later. In this blog post, we show you how to become a well-informed traveler (the best kind ...
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Study in China: Why you should live in Kunming

It’s time to start thinking about what city you’re going to choose to study in when you come to China. With China being an absolutely massive nation, with nearly 1.4 billion people, there’s a lot to think about when deciding on your new home away from home. For many people, Kunming is their first choice. Kunming is the ...
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