The Benefits of Learning a Second Language in College

How many days have you sat in the lecture hall at college and day dreamed about studying abroad? While it may only seem like a fantasy right now, with a little research and a lot of planning, studying abroad can become a reality when you’re on summer break. For many colleges, there’s a requirement of a language course for ...
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4 Advantages of Learning a New Language as an Adult

Have you ever used the excuse that you’re too old to do something before? Well, you’re not going to be able to use that excuse when it comes to learning a new language. I’m here to tell you that it’s entirely possible to learn a new language later in life. In fact, older people have many advantages over younger people when ...
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Getting Started: How to Study Abroad

You’re thinking of studying abroad but aren’t sure where to start or if it’s really right for you. Deciding if, where and how to study abroad is easier than you may think. While you’re feeling pretty overwhelmed right now, after reading this blog post about getting started on planning a trip abroad, your mind will be a new ...
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How To Request Time Off Work To Study In China

Asking for time off work isn’t always an easy conversation to have with a manager. Each office is a little different, with different rules when it comes to taking time off to study, travel abroad or another type of leave. You know you want to take time off work to study another language, so it’s time to start preparing for ...
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What’s The Best Way To Learn A New Language?

There are a lot of options for studying a new language.You can stay at home and learn it through an app or you can travel across the globe and learn it from the locals. Each option will give you the ability to know some words, order your favourite meal at a restaurant and ask where the toilet is. But, applying to an ...
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Places to Visit in Kunming China When You’re Not Studying

You’ve decided that Kunming, China is the best place for you to study Mandarin, but now you’re thinking “what can I do when I’m not studying?” It’s a very serious question and we’re here to answer it for you. Kunming, China is known for its beautiful, breathtaking, unique landscapes and not to mention has the nickname ...
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Foreign Language Learning: How To Live In A Country When You’re Not Fluent

People who are choosing to study abroad in a new country often question how it’s possible to live in a city when you don’t know the language. It’s not uncommon for people to move to a country in hopes of learning a foreign language, but we have to remember that it takes awhile to fully become fluent. That’s why we’re ...
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5 Reasons You Need To Learn a Second Language Later In Life

One of the biggest myths, we believe, is that people over a certain age are unable to learn a new language. People over the age of 50 are interested in participating in social study groups and attending overseas study classes. They’re open to the idea of growing their mind and keeping their brains healthy and they want to ...
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What’s The Best City in China To Study Mandarin In?

It’s time to decide what city you’re going to call your “home away from home”. Will it be Beijing? What about Shanghai? Why not pick the beautiful city of Kunming. It may not be as large as these other cities, but the benefits of living in the city of eternal spring outweigh the over-populated areas of China. In this blog ...
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Now You Know: 6 Interesting Facts About the Mandarin Language

China is becoming a force to reckon with. Mandarin is becoming a fast approaching global superpower. With over a billion native speakers, about 15% of the world’s population speaks Chinese as their primary language. That’s more than English, Spanish, French and German - combined! Mandarin may be more interesting than you ...
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