Learn Business Chinese - 5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Keats School

By now you’ve probably heard that Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and is the top language you should learn as a professional. As a professional, who is trying to grow their career, learning business Chinese will not only up your game in the office, but your brain power too. [Read More: Why You Need To ...
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Chinese Language Scholarships - What’s Available

There are many Chinese language course scholarships available out there, it’s about finding the right one for you. If you’re hoping to head to China to study Mandarin, this blog post will help show you where to look for available Mandarin scholarships. Having a scholarship backing your study abroad course will not only ...
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7 Practical Tips on How to Save Money as a Student Abroad

Saving money when you’re studying abroad is a must. We know that it’s already expensive to pack up your life and move across the world for your education. We want it to be easy for you to come to Kunming, China to study Mandarin, instead of worrying about your bank account balance. Because of this, we’ve decided to share ...
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Why Keats School is a Qualified Chinese Language School

When picking your A+ Mandarin language school in China, there are a lot of things to consider. Where’s it located? What programs are offered? Are there flexible start dates? Is the school qualified for your needs? Those are just a few of the frequently asked questions students have. To give you a better idea of why Keats ...
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6 Home Comfort Tips To Help With Study Abroad Homesickness

One of the biggest fears about studying abroad is feeling homesick and missing your home comforts. At Keats, we understand this is a huge factor when it comes to applying to study Mandarin in China. Because of this, we want to be there for you in any way we can. Previously we wrote a blog post on how to deal with ...
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How to Stop Feeling Homesick: Try These 10 Things

Homesickness is the distress caused by being away from home. It’s when your thoughts fill up with memories from home, loved ones and nostalgic memories. Homesickness is a normal emotion to feel when you’re away studying in China, but it’s a feeling that doesn’t have to last forever. At Keats we try to make all students ...
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Your Child Has Decided to Study Abroad in China: 5 Things to Consider

Watching your child pack their bags, head to the airport and get on a plane alone to China to study is a moment you will never forget. There will be happy tears that they’re going off and educating themselves, but there will also be sad tears because you’re going to miss them. But, the happy tears will outweigh the sad ...
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Mandarin vs. Cantonese: Which Language to Learn

China has become an economic and cultural powerhouse on the world stage, which means learning the Chinese language should be on your “to-do” list. Whether you’re a business professional or a student, being able to communicate with potential clients, professors, or future managers, is a skill you’ll never regret gaining. ...
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How to Learn Basic Mandarin: Our 6 Useful Tips

Learning Mandarin will take patience, effort and a lot of determination. This is the case for almost anything you’re going to master, especially learning a new language later on in life. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to be fluent in basic Mandarin in 2 weeks of language learning through an app. And if you’re thinking ...
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How to Get Your Employer to Pay for Mandarin Language School

Traveling abroad to study Mandarin can be an expensive commitment. But, what if we told you that many employers help pay for the Mandarin course offered at Keats School? While there’s no magic recipe for your bosses to agree to fund your tuition tab, taking into account these five steps will put the odds in your favour.
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