Five Ways How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

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You’ve heard it before…. studying abroad will help you and your career. While some people believe that education stops after you have your degree, you know that’s not true.

Furthering your education and continuing to broaden your horizons by studying abroad will, in fact, help grow your career further. International education is actually on the rise, and for good reason - research has shown that people who study abroad have better career prospects and are more socially aware.

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Read on to discover more facts about studying abroad how it betters your professional development.

Gain Maturity

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We know you won’t take it personally when we say that there is always room for growth. While you are a mature, working adult, everyone can grow through education, no matter age or career direction.

Don’t you agree?

A survey by Smart Study found that 95% of people who took part in their study admitted that studying abroad served as a catalyst for increased maturity.

An emotionally mature person always wants to add value to themselves and others around them. This happens by learning and developmental activities, like learning Mandarin in China. Remember, you’re emotionally mature when you take responsibility for your own happiness, career and future.

One way to gain needed maturity in the workplace is to get outside and see the world. You will come back to your work with a fresh mind, a better perspective and a lot of motivation and drive.

Strengthen Leadership Skills

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Leadership styles can differ from one country to another. Because of this, you will learn how to work with and better understand different people, different cultures and different business styles when you’re abroad.

By studying abroad with globally aware people, you will gain experience working with a diverse team. You will gain insight into human behaviour and you will learn how to appreciate other’s viewpoints.

Employers will see this as a massive asset for a company and their workplace culture.

On top of that, you’re going to develop poise and self-confidence. You will learn how to handle yourself and be okay in situations where the outcome isn’t clearly defined. This ability is a huge value for an employer looking to add a leader within their company.

Open Your Mind to Greater Innovation

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Creativity is the king and innovation is the queen. Or vice versa. Either way, they go hand in hand and they are two skills that you will gain from studying abroad.

A report by the British Council says that nearly half of the people they spoke to were involved in innovation at work. Additionally, twice as many people with international experience were involved in the actual creative process of new or improved goods or services.

Studying abroad allows you to really learn how to listen. Really listen. You will learn different expressions, different wordings, you will learn to listen to body language. These are all skills that employers want when they’re adding to the innovation team.

Not everyone is a leader, but everyone needs to know how to listen and understand directions, especially in the design and creativity process.

There’s nothing like time away from the desk to ignite the fire and creativity inside you.

Advance Your Career

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With the increasingly global society, having international skills and knowledge makes you more marketable for employers.

When you decide to study abroad as a professional, you’re telling your current employer (or future employer) that you’re interested in bettering yourself. You want to grow and improve your skills to make yourself the best employee possible.

Once you get to your new country, your network is going to broaden. When you travel, you can’t fully control who you’re meeting or when. It’s not like one of those big networking events where you try to get five minutes of talking in with the most influential person in the room. But when you can’t talk to them, you end up talking to someone you don’t relate to and can’t get away from.

Instead of feeling stuffy and claustrophobic at a networking event, traveling and meeting new professionals abroad allows you to do it in an open and natural environment.

These encounters lead to unique friendships and introductions with business professionals. Employers will see this is a valuable asset to the company and to you, as an employee.

And, don’t forget to list your study abroad experience on your resume. Studies have shown that it enhances your job chance success and who doesn’t like a little bit more success?

Ignites the Education Passion Within You

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Education is a tool that can build your skills no matter your age or career level. We know you understand that.

More than 80% of respondents on a study by iesabroad.org said that studying abroad had enhanced their interest in academic study. Nearly 63% of people said that the experience of learning a new language influenced their decisions to expand or change their academic majors.

And, in fact, nearly 90% of people indicated that their experiences abroad influenced all their subsequent educational experiences.

It seems that once you study abroad, the study bug gets planted and education becomes a constant passion. That’s something we can get 100% behind.

It’s Time to Pack Your Bags

It may sound cliche, but studying abroad will allow you to become a much worldlier person. You will learn intangible life skills that will benefit both your personal and professional development.

The growth that you will experience overseas will show when applying for a job or returning back to the office. People will see it.

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