China Student Visa - Everything You Need to Know for 2018

China student visa

Applying for a Chinese student visa is one of the biggest processes in terms of studying abroad. Not only does the China study visa requirements change throughout the years, but the process does take a bit of time.

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Since the information is always changing, we’ve written a blog post with the updates you can expect for 2018. Continue reading to learn more about China’s student visa, the China visa requirements and the application process.

Do I need a China student visa if I want to learn Chinese in China?

Chinese student visa requirements

Yes. If you’re planning to take Mandarin lessons, you will need to get a student visa for China. We understand that the visa process can be a bit confusing and overwhelming for hopeful students, so let us break it down for you.

Once you have a passport, you can apply for a Chinese visa in the Chinese embassy in your country.

There are two options when it comes to Visas and our school, Keats.

1. Apply for a 30/60/90/120/180-day X2 student visa in your country. Keats School will send you an official admission letter on behalf of the school and a copy of the school’s license.
2. Apply for an X1 student visa for language program longer than 6 months. Keats School will send you the JW 202 form and the official admission letter on behalf of the school to apply for an X1 student visa in your country.

Keats School is the first private language school in China that is able to help hopeful students during the visa application process.

While some language schools accept tourist visas, Keats School recommends strictly applying for a student visa. We are a professional, established school that helps you make your application process easy and we’re proud to say that Keats School has a 100% visa pass rate.

Chinese Student Visa Application Process

Getting a Chinese student visa doesn’t happen overnight, but if you have the process down pat, it won’t take long either.

You must have all the necessary documents and hold a passport with at least six months validity and two empty pages. To find out what documents you need, download our China Study Visa Requirement Fact Sheet.

It takes 3 weeks to get your JW 202 form issued and 1 week to deliver it to you. After that it should take you between one and two weeks to get your Chinese visa.

The best time to apply for your Chinese visa is between two or three months before your set Mandarin language course start date. Be sure to take the time to understand the process. If you apply for your visa too early and don’t use it, it will expire. Some visas expire after 90-180 days starting from the day you obtain it.

Visa application for study in China - Where do you get it?

You should apply for your Chinese student visa through your local Chinese embassy. Before applying for the student visa, you will have wanted to apply and be approved for study Mandarin in China lessons.

After you apply to Keats School, we will send a visa application and supporting materials directly to you through express mail. Once you receive these materials, head to the nearest Chinese embassy to apply for an X1 student visa.

An X1 student visa is valid for 30 days after you arrive in China. Once you arrive, we will help you get a resident permit that allows you to complete your study in China.

A resident permit allows you to study in China for between 6 months to two years and gives you access to multiple entries into the country.

The Chinese student visa requirements remain the same as the 2017 requirements. While there has been some news and changes to the tourist visas, the student one will remain the same.

To find the requirements in detail, download our China Study Visa Requirement Fact Sheet.

Getting a visa for China - Fees

The Chinese student visa is not free. There are several different options when it comes to the cost of your visa. The China Embassy has created this graph to show you the possible options:

Chinese student visa application

Getting a visa for China doesn’t have to be rocket science. However, it takes a lot of detail and time to make sure your visa is approved the first time.

At Keats School, we are here for potential students every step of that way. We will respond to emails and phone calls to help answer any China student visa questions. So, if you’re still needing a bit more guidance and information, contact us today. We look forward to being able to answer your questions.

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